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The September 11th Memorial was featured in Success Magazine!
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The events of September 11, 2001 changed all of us. The victims were no different than you and I…everyday people simply going to work, school, shopping. On that day we saw the worst of mankind, but in true American fashion, we also saw the best of mankind. In the wake of those tragic events we witnessed renewed patriotism, great acts of heroism and selflessness, and a strong nation of individuals who came together as one. We as a nation took a hell of a punch. True to our history and heritage, we got back up stronger.

I was not in New York City or Washington DC on that fateful day, but the events changed my life. The goal of the Glens Falls September 11th Memorial is to remember, reflect, educate and pay respects to the victims and the people that subsequently changed the world.

Three and a half years ago the Glens Falls September 11th Memorial was no more than the seed of an idea. In December of 2008, I decided to put my vision for a memorial on paper. By June of 2008 the idea was ready to be pitched to the Glens Falls Mayor and Common Council. After all the formalities the project was approved, and agreement was reached for a Glens Falls September 11th Memorial to be built at the Ridge Street location of the Glens Falls Fire Department.

After having formed a fundraising committee with seven great volunteers who serve their community in different ways, it is my sincere hope that we will come together to achieve this common goal. These wonderful people are entrusted with assisting in the task of raising the $40,000 that is needed to build this lasting tribute. We have not asked for any tax payer money, nor will we. With your help and the support of this great community, we will raise what is needed. Our goal is to have the memorial up and dedicated on September 11, 2010.

We will never forget.







Glens Falls September 11th Memorial
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